Thursday, September 29, 2011

Advice Illustrated: Finally post Fray

The first post-Fray Advice Illustrated.
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Letter 1 is from a woman who is haunted by her abusive mother. Prudie says to get therapy, and stop giving this evil woman such power. I say, yeah.

Video letter is from a guy who has a casual kissing thing (?) with this woman. That woman lives elsewhere and has a BF. But now he's hooked on the first woman's sister. Is that gross? Prudie says he's not hooked on the sister. I say, to answer the question, no, it's not gross. Think of Jacob with Leah and Rebecca. It's all cool.

Letter 2 is from a slacker jerk who was a bad employee, slovenly, bad attitude, etc. (yet still managed to keep his job... I don't get that). Now he's turned over a new leaf and has gone corporate and responsible. But none of his colleagues take his change in behavior seriously. Whine, whine, whine. Prudie says it will take time, and then says what I say, in the words of my mother: "So you want a medal for that?".

Letter 3 is from a guy who shares everything with his GF, and vice versa. Among the thoughts she has shared with him is that she at times finds him unattractive. Prudie says that honesty is not the best policy, and we have jaws that can close and stay closed. I say, this woman doesn't know men, and she's just begging for her dude to go limp. I say DTMFA in any case: who makes this kind of comment once, let alone twice? She's sending a pretty clear message.

Letter 4 is from a woman who disagrees about who should be the guardians of their children in case she and her husband die. She wants one of the pairs of elderly grandparents. He wants his sister and her husband. All are financially able to manage, but she thinks the aunt and uncle live too far away, are childless, and cold. Prudie says they can make a choice and change that choice later. I say, would you want a 70-year-old to take on such a daunting task? Children are lots of work, and humans are programmed to have them young because of that. What happens in 10 years, when those 60-70 year olds are 70-80 year olds?


CoolOne said...

How did the sloven jerk get employed there to begin with?

What did the "totally honest" dude say to his "perfect woman" to cause her to want to hurt him in this way?

Kati said...

Hilarious and to the point!

Would you believe that at first I thought the smallest child in the perfect family was holding a skull, but on closer examination I realized it's a doll. But still, I'm a bit supicious....

Anonymous said...

The perfect family is from a '60's sitcom called "A Family Affair". The little girl was named "Buffy" and the doll was named "Mrs. Beasley".