Thursday, November 19, 2009

DP Nov 19: One-by-one

The letters be HERE.
LW1: Craaaaazzzzzy. Or stuuuupid. Or booooooth. Guess what: these are your inlaws' cards, not yours. You can send any kind of card you want to your own family and friends (got any of those, you freak?). And how dare your inlaws be pleased that their children find partners of their own and bring them into the family circle. This sounds like a rather nice family circle. Why don't you stay out of it and make everyone happy? Alternatively, you could sit for the photo and pout. You sound good at that.
LW2: What she said, again. How in the world are you even contemplating staying with this man? Oh yeah. He's wonderful... but. You too, lady, are a freak.
LW3: Freak! Leave that poor dying man alone. Or not. My first reaction is that this is just too icky. But then I think, why shouldn't he get some while he can? My only worry is that she's too into the dying thing. If he weren't terminal, what would the answer be? Medical secretary/patient does not sound like a dealbreaker.
LW4: I'd rather have any gun-related discussions far from my home, and handled by someone else. Does the 2nd Amendment give everyone the right to terrorize their family members?


Corey said...

For LW 4, it wasn't even the gun part that sent red flags for me. It was the refusal to leave the damn thing in the car, and the antisocial behavior. Being a gun nut is one thing. Being an actual potential danger to your own family is another.

If I was the LW, I wouldn't let crazy uncle in my house armed either, and I generally don't mind firearms.

Marc Naimark said...

Have to agree. You can be a gun freak in your own home (although...), but how plain rude (let alone deranged and scary) to insist on bringing it into another home unwanted.

Kati said...

Marc, your responses are hilarious! And where on earth did you get that incredible family's photo?!