Monday, November 9, 2009

Nicolas Sarkozy single-handedly tore down the Berlin Wall

Marc explains the news from France.

The story HERE.

Actually, that article does a pretty good job of deflating our pathetic inferiority-complex president.

HERE is another, where poor Alain Juppé gets caught out. When you tell a lie, it's best to make sure your accomplices are on the same page. (I say "poor", but of course Alain has done pretty well for himself, as a felon convicted for misuse of public funds....)

This morning on TV channel France 5, he said he was in Berlin on the night of 10-11 November, not on 9 November, the day the Wall fell, although he claims not to remember exactly (one of the most momentous events in recent history).

Earlier, on a video on the Bordeaux city website (after stealing from the city of Paris as Mayor Chirac's right-hand hatchet man, he's moved on to fresh meadows in Bordeaux), and on his municipal blog, Juppé confirms the 9 November date. And other evidence indicates that Juppé went to Berlin on 16 November...


Kati said...

Wow! Sarko did all that?!
It must be the Hungarian in him... we are very inventive people, you know (ex: Rubiks cube, etc).

Did he learn to hack at the wall when he was a hatchet man? (sorry for bad pun)....

Marc said...

It's getting even more complicated than at first, with Sarkotoadies lying to cover up the original lie. Among these lying liars is the Prime Minister, François Fillon, who Sarkozy claims to have run into in Berlin that day. Alas, all the lying liars involved were already public figures, and their whereabouts can be found ( In that article, it appears that Fillon, who claims to have been in Berlin from the 7t to 10th for a conference, was at the National Assembly in Paris.

Marc said...

Sorry, he was in Paris on the 8th. Still a lying liar. To support his lie, he says he met a French TV reporter in Berlin on the 9th. Unfortunately that journalist says he didn't meet Fillon. So Fillon has now changed his story, and claims it was another journalist he met. This time he chose a dead one who can't contradict him.