Thursday, December 10, 2009

DP Dec 10: One-by-one

LW1 is a divorced mom who complains that her ex has told their 8-year-old son that there is no Santa. Prudie says to pay attention to state of her child. It's not the end of the world, even if Dad is a meany.
Evil dad. Eight is old enough to ask the question: "what is Santa Claus?". Your child may have an answer that goes beyond a fat guy in a red suit...

LW2 is an underpaid young worker in small firm is being pressured to chip in 75 bucks for gift for boss, as well as pay her own way at company Xmas dinner. Prudie says to say she can't afford it. Duh.
Prudie's advice is good. But I will just point out the "take it to HR" BS. Most people work in small companies without much or any HR. HR in most of these firms is an accountant or some other staffer dealing with payroll, not someone with the job of dealing with workplace lifestyle issues. That being said, does this company give a Xmas bonus? If so, it better be a good deal more than USD 75. And if not, WTF with the gift for the boss????

LW3 is a woman whose husband is a picky gift receiver, who returns or gives away even the most thoughtful gift. Prudie says to stop giving him gifts, and instead make a charitable donation in his name.
Again, good advice. Your husband may have wonderful qualities, but for this aspect at least, he's a real douche. Megadouche. How much can this guy care about you and those he's supposed to love if his only reaction to receiving a sign of your affection for him is to insult you all?

LW4 is a gay man whose family has rejected him for the last 14 years (that his parents were a priest and a nun who got kicked out of the Church for fornication makes it just a wee bit more piquant). Should he ignore their hatred of him for the holidays? Prudie says to speak honestly to mom (who is a psychologist, adding even more piquancy to her crap).
You owe nothing to these people. Don't let them or anyone else guilt you into feeling like you have to pretend to love these haters. Enjoy your life, be thankful for the people who do love you for who you are, and who don't pretend to love you because of some genetic connection.

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