Friday, December 25, 2009

My quiz on University of Detroit-Mercy's 'Ask the Professor'

UDM's radio trivia show "Ask the Professor" is one of the longest running radio programs in the United States, having been on the air more than 50 seasons.

Moderated by Kathy Bush, assistant dean of Liberal Arts and Education, the program features UDM faculty members from history, philosophy, math, chemistry, communications and sociology.

This panel of professors is challenged by listeners with questions about nearly everything, in an attempt to stump the group. Communications Studies students help produce the successful radio program and each show is taped for play on national radio stations.

My quiz was used for the end of episode 1009 (click HERE) and the beginning of episode 1010 (click HERE). The quiz has a Franco-American/Detroiter/Michigander orientation.

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