Thursday, December 31, 2009

DP Dec 31: One-by-one

Thanks to Emily for providing cocktail chatter for our New Year's Eve parties!

LW1 is a student who has applied for a job that her friend, who is not as advanced in her studies, wants. Friend is upset to learn about this "betrayal" via Facebook. Prudie replies that friend has no dibs on the job, but that it is wise to avoid social networking if you're looking for a job.
My take: I don't know if LW is qualified to work if she needs to write Prudie about this, and if she's even remotely contemplating canceling her interview. Regarding discretion, y'all are wise to post to the Fray under assumed names... potential employers are scanning the web looking for time wasters like us.

LW2 is a young woman whose mother has recently died. She enjoys recalling her mother's life, but is dismayed because whenever she brings up her mother, her friends look pained and fall silent. Prudie says to make her desire to be able to speak about her mother without the pity clear. I agree.

LW3 has adopted a child and followed the birth mother's pregnancy and delivery. The birth mother's mother was present at the birth, and asked for the LW's address to be able to send a gift. The baby is one year old, and the grandmother has sent a handmade outfit and a check for the child's college fund. LW is horrified that this evil, evil woman is "worming" her way into her life. Prudie says the LW is a crazy bith.
My take: If you didn't want contact, you shouldn't have given your address. This family didn't "worm" its way into your life: you went asking for this woman's grandchild. You are a crazy bitch.

LW4 is a single mother of a teen. She's finally met a totally compatible, kind, loving guy who has the never to neglect her deep-seated need to receive flowers as proof that she's really truly loved the way she deserves. Prudie says she's a crazy bitch who needs to let it go if she wants this guy to stick around.
My take: I know why you're a single mother... get over the flowers, bitch. And if you've read DP, you know her answer in advance.

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