Thursday, December 17, 2009

DP Dec 17: One-by-one

LW1: Two gay dads are about to adopt twins. They plan to not use diapers, and will raise their beautiful children in organic bliss. How to tell their guests at the baby shower not to bring plastic or polyester? Prudie puts them in their place, in particular about the diapers.
These future fathers need many more of these smack-downs. I really wouldn't worry much about the diapers thing. They'll learn fast enough. As to the shower, it sounds like these cretins are -- gasp! -- hosting their OWN baby shower. Big no-no, so no need to give them advice on how to make their rude event even ruder.

(Now you know why people are really against gay adoption.)

LW2: Only child had serious expenses during his mother's illness and death. Has learned that his aunt received cash donations from friends to cover costs, but she hasn't paid anything. Prudie says to tell her it's time to cough up.
I like Prudie's advice. And I'd go further: small claims court.

LW3: LW's friend is having an affair, and wants LW (and LW's wife) to lie to give him an alibi. Prudie says not to cover.
I don't get this bit: "I declined to lie to his wife. He said he had already told her I was going, so I didn't really have a choice. I had to tell my wife about this situation, just in case she ran into Jason's wife." You didn't have to do any of that. It's his problem, let him deal with it. At least he's getting some tail out of the deal: what's in it for you?

LW4: LW's fiancé is an atheist. They'll be spending Xmas with her (Christian) family, and he refuses to go to Xmas Eve service (where LW's father will be performing). Prudie says if he refuses to make this minor effort, it's time to think about having him in LW's life.
Non-believer here, too, but the fiancé is being a drip. If you plan on having a family with this guy, think of all the school plays, pageants, and recitals a parent needs to sit through. If he can't make it through a festive church service with some decent entertainment, he's not cut out to be a dad.

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