Thursday, December 3, 2009

DP Dec 3: One-by- one

The originals are HERE.

What a boring lot (except for LW4, which is either trollish or just stupid).
LW1: LW and BF have good jobs. Their friends don't. LW and BF are getting rid of their cleaning lady. BF wants to hire friends.
>BF is proof you don't need to be smart to get a good job.
LW2: LW has well-paid coworker/friend who has been observed stealing from the department fridge.
>Coworker/friend has a problem. Prudie's advice seems good if this person is a friend. If she weren't, I'd just report her to her superior.
LW3: LW worried because she knows that people are work aren't always washing their hands after using the terlets.
>Perhaps Prudie's going to actually answer the question next week. Washing your own hands more often doesn't prevent the E Coli your colleagues have kindly deposited in the bowl of eggnog from making you sick. How about some posters in the john? On the door on the way out? I was at a place the other day where there was a sign suggesting people use the paper hand wipe to turn the door handle. That's a good reminder that you have no idea what other people have left on it, and perhaps a good reminder to those who don't wash their hands that they should.

That being said... when men take a leak, they don't necessarily wash their hands after, and I doubt that is a health risk.
LW4: LW's brother is crazy. Years ago LW and brother picked up a hitchhiker and brought him home. LW went to bed, leaving brother and hitcher drinking. Next morning, no hitchhiker. Did brother kill the dude?
>Huh? Mildly entertaining, but not a real letter. A grown person with a crazy brother picks up a hitchhiker (who does that now?) and... brings him home. Right. And in any case, why do you care now? Too bogus to believe.


Anonymous said...

That being said... when men take a leak, they don't necessarily wash their hands after, and I doubt that is a health risk.

Why wouldn't it be? Since when are penises sterile?

Faeri said...

It depends on where they have been sticking that doesn't it?? LMAO!!!!!!

SmagBoy1 said...

Oh, I'm pretty sure penises are far cleaner than hands!

I love the pics! Excellent addition! :-)

Kati said...

Marc, that picture of the hitchiker with the ax is just too funny. We couldn't stop laughing at this end. I think you should get some sort of award for it!

Also the one with the cat is hilarious...

Didn't get a rise from the nun and the priest probably because I wasn't brought up Catholic....