Thursday, September 30, 2010

Advice Illustrated, 30 September 2010 "Death to cupcakes"

I feel fortunate to have been out of the country during the cupcake fad. But I do love cupcakes. Sigh.

The originals are HERE.

Letter 1 is from the child of recently deceased parents. A couple that was once friends with the parents attended the funeral, and explained that they and parents swang (swinged? swung?) together way back when. They want into the lives of LW and siblings, and won't take no for an answer, and are now threatening to tell all. Prudie says to get a lawyer to send a cease and desist order, and be ready for legal action. And not to worry about real friends of the family, who will be equally repulsed by this couple.
I say: ugh. I also say: hitman. I also say: why give the pseudonym "Bob" if you're not going to follow up with "Carol"?

We have already commented on the video letter. It's blah anyway.

Letter 2 is from a woman who works with her husband in the family firm. Dad's having a retirement party, and younger sister planned to cross the country to attend, along with BF, whose birthday is the same weekend. Sister wants the BF's bday to be acknowledged at the retirement bash. LW doesn't think it's appropriate. Sister threw a hissy fit and is now boycotting the festivities. Prudie says that sister is a whining baby, but to give in to make sure she comes, for dad's sake.
I say: yes, she's being a baby, but Prudie is doing a lot of interpreting here (sister jealous of LW worming her way into the family business???), and a cupcake and a round of "Happy Birthday to You" would not have taken too much precious time or attention from daddykins. Certainly the fact that most of the people present don't know the birthday boy doesn't stop people from celebrating at Chuck E. Cheese's.

(There are so many of these. Pretty creepy. See them HERE.)
Letter 3 is from a man whose wife has taken a low-stress job at a fastfood place. His coworkers' spouses are all professionals, so he's embarrassed by his déclassée wife. Prudie says to show pride and support and get over his embarrassement. But because he says she can't hold down a job because she fights authority, maybe she needs help from a head doctor.
I say: you're a snob. Why not just pretend you're a widower? Much easier.

Letter 4 is from a guy (why not?) whose oldest and dearest friend wants to pay him to take a language class in his place so friend can get the credit needed for friend's university degree. Prudie says: just say "nein".
I say: tell friend that when he signed up for the degree, he knew what he was getting into.


Kati said...

These four people in that bed are sooo funny! ...and anything but sexy!
Is this why kingsize beds were invented?

CoolOne said...

(2nd attempt)

I thought king-sized beds were to accommodate the kids, the dog, the cat, and the ice-cold feet or the long toenails of your partner!