Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dear Prudence, 16 September 2010, One-by-one: Please read your stupid letters before hitting SEND

The letters and answers from the Prudester are HERE.

Letter 1 is from a mother whose daughter is about to marry a creepy dude who rubs his crotch against LW, plays with himself (maybe), and does not engage in the sexual behavior her daughter is accustomed to. Prude says it's time to speak up in a supportive way, so as to avoid pushing her daughter into the arms of the creep.
I say: duh.

The video letter is from a guy whose partner hums and talks to herself. It's driving him crazy. Prudie says to bring it up with her, but don't count on the behavior changing.
I say: get an iPod.

Letter 2 is from a woman who was bullied as a child, and reacted by finding someone even more vulnerable to bully. She's found the victim on Facebook. Is it right for her to apologize? Prudie says, yes, but don't expect acknowledgement or forgiveness. And rolls some log or Emily Bazelon's series on bullying.
I say: yes, but without the log-rolling.

Letter 3 is from a woman whose unemployed B-i-L is about to sell his Caribbean timeshare. He has invited them to join him there for a last fling, and they "discussed" LW and hubby paying for food and drink during the stay. Now B-i-L also expects them to PAY FOR HIS TRANSPORTATION FROM THE AIRPORT TO THE TIMESHARE!!!!!! Something is fishy here. Evil B-i-L is exploiting a vulnerable woman. Help! Prudie says to go suck on it, bitch.
I say: No, it's "biatch".

Letter 4 is from a woman whose therapist never spells her name right. Yes, this is a problem. And the bigger problem is that after spending hundreds of bucks, she doesn't know how to deal with this. Prudie says just that.
I say: easy solution is to change your name to something easier to spell.

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Mermaid said...

It's only 6:30 in the morning and I've already laughed my ass off for the day at the picture of the world's smallest violin. Priceless.

Merci, Marc! :)