Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dear Prudence, 9 Sept 2010, One-by-one: Guilty, guilty, guilty

The letters are HERE.

This week we have one very real very sad problem, and a bunch of imaginary ones. And two WONDERFUL MEN. And a grave imbalance in fortune. Life's not fair, that's for sure.

Letter 1 is from a woman about to get married (to a WONDERFUL MAN). She'd received lots of stuff via showers, and her parents and inlaws have been very generous too. Now her fiancé's ex-lover, a wealthy older woman, has offered them 50K as a college fund for their future children. Letter Writer is a bit uncomfortable. Prudie says she's right to be uncomfortable, and to refuse the gift.

I say: IT'S 50,000 DOLLLLARRRRSSS. Who cares if there are imaginary virtual hypothetical strings attached? Gifts for college funds are hardly unusual or particularly restrictive. Prudie's very generous in giving away your money. It might be different if you disliked this woman, or felt threatened or jealous, but you don't.

Video Letter is from a woman whose husband (a WONDERFUL MAN) kisses his mommy on the lips. She's disgusted and dreads her M-i-L kissing her unborn imaginary virtual hypothetical kids on the lips. Prudie says it's just their way of showing affection, so lay off the criticism.

I say: Get a problem, honey. (My photo search led me to this Cary Tennis letter.)

Letter 2 is from a woman whose coworker disrespects her by tossing paperwork on her desk rather than putting it in the inbox. She's made light of it, joked, hinted, etc., but he won't change his behavior. Prudie says to stop hinting and start telling.

I say: Yes, follow Prudie's advice if you want, although this is not much of a problem. I might not even bother giving him a talking too. Just ignore anything that's not in your inbox. Or maybe pick up the paperwork right away, and toss it in your wastepaper basket, saying: this is my inbox, this is my desk, this is my wastepaper basket. Learn the difference, chump. Or just shaft the guy with a letter opener. I hate this guy.

Letter 3 is from a struggling grad student barely making ends meet. Her sister is in the same shape, and their mother, with few marketable skills and no saving, has just been laid off. How can she help? Prudie gives all sorts of useful advice.

I say I have nothing to say. Except maybe see if the old lady in Letter 1 is into girl-on-girl action.

Letter 4 is very much like a call to the Savage Lovecast. That one was from a young man who uses ED medication. Should he tell his partner? Prudie's letter is from a young woman who discovered by snooping that her BF of two years is using ED medication. What should she do? Prudie says to confront him in a supportive way.

I say: MYOB. If you're getting it good, that's all you need to know. He'll tell you when he's ready. Erections are very delicate things: they come at the most inopportune times, but can sometimes disappear when you most need them. Don't mess with this guy's head.

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Kati said...

Oh but yes, do mess with his head! replace the pills with look alike placebos, and see what happens....