Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dear Prudence, 23 Sept 2010, One-by-one: Balls are better than boobs

Sometimes it seems that balls are better than boobs.

The letters and answers are HERE.
Letter 1 is from a future teacher looking for work in her hometown. She has discovered that the teacher who cruelly bullied her when she was a child is still teaching in the school where she hopes to get a job. Should she denounce this evil woman? Prudence says to get her own reputation established, get tenure, and get the goods on creepy teacher.
I say: Whatever. Don't feel this one, and I'm not sure how real this bullying was. But Prudie's advice is good enough.

The video letter is from a hot young woman wearing a tight security officer uniform with lots of leather who is wondering how to deal with the catcalls and propositions from the drunken louts that frequent the amusement park she works at. Prudie gives some strategies that fall short of using her nightstick.
I say: What's this crap about "moonlighting"? To moonlight you need a day job. This is your job, dear, so make the most of it. With that out of the way, I can't believe this establishment approves of its female clients being abused like this, so I don't know why you shouldn't crack down hard on them (like by kicking them out). When you get fired, you can get a nice settlement after filing a sexual harassment case against your employer.

Letter 2 is from a woman who wears a bra, whereas her business partner should but doesn't. Prudie says to tell her to wear a bra.
I say: I can't be bothered.

Letter 3 is from a mommy whose unemployed husband has found a great job with lousy hours. This means he no longer sees his baby boy in the evening. This makes mommy unhappy and baby "hysterical". Prudie says, rightly, that it's mommy who's hysterical, and that it's time to grow up. Daddy can't change the hours worked in his firm, at least not now. And why can't he see the baby in the morning, if, as mommy says, staff arrive at 10am?
I say: Hell yeah! You are one crazy mommy. A 16-month-old gets "hysterical" because he doesn't see his daddy enough? Maybe he's just sick of his crazy high-strung mommy. I do sympathize with the problem of those who arrive early and leave early appearing to be goldbricking in the eyes of those who arrive later. But guess what: the ribbing works both ways? When he arrives at 8am and his colleagues roll in at 10am, he should just say: "Glad you decided to join us today!" or "You need to get a new alarm clock, dude!" or "Sorry, I made that coffee when I got in at 8, so you'll probably want to make some fresh".

Letter 4 is from a mommy whose child's friend often stays over. Friend is a picky eater and refuses what she's given for dinner. Prudie says to give her a gentle lesson about manners, and to find something she "can" eat, like milk toast.
I say: When she refuses what's on the table, say "I'm so sorry you don't care for this. I'm afraid I'll have to take you home for your dinner." Or call the brat's mom and say she'll have to cart over something her offspring will eat.

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Kati said...

That pix of the mean teacher is way tooo scary --almost as scarry as the one with the sagging boobs which will give her a backache if she doesn't put on a bra pronto....