Saturday, June 11, 2011

10 June 2011: News of the day

Reading yesterday's Le Parisien:

Top story is about the gambling clubs in Paris. Casino's are banned in a 100km radius of Paris (except for Enghien), nominally to protect resorts, and to protect Parisian gamblers from themselves.

But there are these gambling clubs that are allowed. There are supposedly non-profit charitable organizations. After WWII they were authorized, and handed over to the Corsican mob in exchange for the Resistance work done in Corsica. They are still run by the Corsicans and are very shady. The police has started to crack down on them, mainly because of the explosion of poker there. As poker has become more popular, the gambling clubs have started in raking in even more money.

After failing to introduce marriage equality when they were in power, the Socialists did a stunt this week, with a sure-to-fail bill in the National Assembly. In preliminary sessions, a UMP (Sarkozy) MP compared gay marriage to bestiality. She then apologized, claiming her words were "taken out of context". As she is otherwise a great friend of the far right, her apologies were not taken seriously.

Two UMP MPs voted in favor of the gay marriage bill. One is the young mayor of Coulommiers, a rising star who is very cute, and apparently gay (but the French don't talk about this... his official website has a "Get to know me" section which speaks of his professional activities, but nothing about his private life. I'm not going to applaud the guy: he's UMP, and he was the lead MP for the repressive and absurd HADOPI "three-strikes" law on internet.

The National Assembly will be naming a house ethicist for the first time. Just one. Hah!

A group of lawyers are attacking websites that offer drivers help in getting back their licence. Of course, it's for the most noble of causes, and not protecting their selfish interests.

There's a story about footballer Kevin Gameiro. I have no interest in the story, but Kevin is cute as a button.

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