Thursday, June 2, 2011

Advice Illustrated: not much to add

Letter 1 is from a woman whose family was the victim of a CPS investigation thanks to the neighbor girl who said that she and LW's daughter did some naughty things. The families were cleared, but LW is angry that the neighbors knew about the accusation and said nothing. She doesn't want to take the risk of further trouble. Her husband says bygones. Prudie agrees the risk is to great, and to limit contact with the family. I agree. There are plenty of children to play with, and this one is just too great a risk.

Video letter is from a guy who has a great personal trainer with bad breath. Prudie says not to worry about hurting her feelings. Tell her she needs to chew some minty fresh gum. I say: yeah. And it's good for her business to tell her this. Many potential clients would simply not use her services.

Letter 2 is from someone whose great aunt is dying, and doesn't mind it so much. Great aunt wants a fun funeral, including party hats and confetti. Many family members are horrified. Prudie says to find a happy medium. So do I.

Letter 3 if from a stupid woman who lived with a guy for five years before discovering that he was two-timing her in a huge way. It's now one year on, and she claims to have forgiven him, and to accept that he is trying to be a better person. She claims they are friends again. But sometimes her pain comes back and she lashes out. He is confused, because she claims to be over him. Prudie says he has no place in her life, and to DTMFA. I agree. But since she seems to be enjoying causing herself pain, maybe she should keep the louse in her life just for the fun of it.

Letter 4 is from a job-hunter who has a typo in their CV (2010 for 2011). Prudie says to send a correct version to those who received the wrong one, explaining that no-one is perfect but they're constantly striving to get close. I say, yeah, if it's important, what else are you going to do? The only way it would be significant is if you indicated a job ended in February 2010 instead of February 2011, which would lead them to wonder what you were doing for a year. In fact, you are so stupid, you shouldn't get any job.

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