Tuesday, June 7, 2011

7 June 2011: News of the day

DSK again gets top place in Le Parisien, with three pages devoted to his hearing yesterday, where he (surprise!) pleaded not guilty.

DSK has liberated discussion of sexual assault and harassment. A couple of women MPs have launched a counteroffensive against their colleagues who complain of the sexism of the men of the National Assembly. These are the tough cookies, who, if a guy wolfwhistles them in a skirt, smack the guy in the schnozz. Yep. They do have a point that the right to wear a skirt without being treated as a whore is less of a problem in the National Assembly than in French housing projects, where Islamist repression treats girls that dare show any skin as willing victims of gang rapes (yes!).

On the other hand, other woman point out the widespread harassment or worse that parliamentary assistants suffer at the hands of male MPs.

Things are heating up for the Green Party's presidential primaries, where three of the four candidates are not actually members of the party. Yep. A leading candidate is a former TV nature show host. Whatever the candidate, he or she will not reach the second round of the election, so this is all very theoretical, but people (well, the press) treat it as if it were important.

Gilbert Collard, the media whore lawyer currently in the news (he's always in the news for something) for attacking former foot-fetishist minister Tron, is now considering representing Khaddafi in a case against France for killing his son.

Work begins today on the Palais de Tokyo, the site for never-ending renovations and changes of occupants. The "center for creation" will go from 9000 to 20000 square meters. It's supposed to cost a mre 20 million euros...

The wasteful, pointless renovation of the Forum des Halles has made another victim: massive leaks during the recent rains in the Forum des Images and neighboring shops.

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