Sunday, June 5, 2011

5 June 2011: News of the day

Reading Le Parisien, and puking a bit. DSK is back in the news (I guess because his plea hearing is tomorrow), which gives us a two-pager "A DESTINY BROKEN IN 30 MINUTES". Yeah, and it took about the same time for him to choose to destroy a woman's life. I'm getting tired of the moaning over this creep. Let him be judged, but if the only way he is found non guilty is by attacking the woman, he is an even bigger creep than I think he is.

Elections now for the Muslim Council of France. It's a gadget invented by Sarkozy to make Islam more like other religions in France that have official organizations to represent them (although the logic of "laïcité" that Sarkozists use to attract far-right voters would presume that there be no religious organizations "recognized" by the State). Of course, it's very political. And crazy: delegates are chosen according to the physical size of their mosques (huh?). Because of course it's illegal in France to ask anyone their religion in a survey or census. It's craaaazzzzy.

Antiterrorism operation lead to arrest of some Kurds. Police chose to make the arrests during a festival, with kiddies doing traditional dances. The Kurds did not approve. Riots, great destruction.

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