Wednesday, June 15, 2011

15 June 2011: News of the day

Reading the good ol' Parisien.

Top story is a 6-page special on the disgruntled young people of various European countries. No future!

The Banque de France is worried about the housing market bubble. It's particularly grotesque in Paris. Correction or crash ahead?

Who will replace Christine Lagarde as Minister of Finance? François Baroin, currently minister of budget, knows the place, but that might not be a good thing, because if he keeps the budget portfolio, he would be very powerful. And he doesn't speak English. Maybe Valérie Pécresse, currently Education minister. Or the rising start Bruno Lemaire, but he's doing too good a job as minister of agriculture to let him move.

The Greens will also be doing a presidential primary, and it sounds just as fucked up at the one the Socialists will painfully attempt.

The bill for marriage equality failed in the National Assembly, which was no surprise. I smirked a bit at the "abstention" of François Bayrou, who wants to appear modern and moderate, but who just can't make a choice, and can't forget the origins of his party as the Christian Democratic party. (I just saw a video where he says he's TOTALLY cool with equality, as long as it's called something other than marriage. And so we will patiently wait for Mr Bayrou to introduce a bill calling for this separate but equal regime.

A report on the commission on cults says there are serious risks of incidents in 2012 with apocalyptics.

A complaint has been filed by relatives of victims of the Karachi attack on French naval shipyard workers against media star "anti-terrorist" judge Bruguière. His investigation blamed the attack on local terrorists, when it's clear that it was related to corruption in the Chirac/Sarkozy party (the party for which Bruguière stood in recent elections).

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