Monday, June 6, 2011

6 June 2011: News of the day

It's DSK-plea-hearing day! Joy! He's back as the top story of Le Parisien. Within the cornucopia of crap in the three pages devoted to him, we find what has to be the worst story of all time. Le Parisien retraces the taxi journey of DSK from the hotel to the airport. After failing to get the taxi driver (who they take pains to identify fully), they go off on their own. Which bridge or tunnel to take? It's a veritable GPS-fest.

We've just got a news flash: DSK has pleaded not guilty. Like he was going to plead guilty. Sheesh.

During a radio interview, Paris mayor Delanoë spoke of "the tragedy in New York". GAG. I do hope he was speaking of the victim, and not of DSK. Unless his tragic flaw is being a rapist.

Everybody wants to play footsie with Borloo. Just why I have yet to figure out.

The government keeps fiddling with the wealth tax (it's like a living estate tax). They are considering re-including works of art in the calculation of the tax base. In a man-in-the-street interview, we get some gems, including this one from Dorothée Leonardi, age 48, jobless:
"I'm against all attacks on liberty. For me, art is a form of liberty, as is the way one appreciates it. It's something that should stay outside our norms and not be caught up in economic or tax considerations. And I think it would create suspicion for people who have owrks of art. Everyone would wonder if they declared them or not."

Stupid cow.

It's dictionary season, and among the English words entering common dictionaries are the noun "tweet" and the verb "tweeter", "e-learning", and "cougar". The article is total crap, because their "expert" says he doesn't mind the "e-" prefix, as long as it's not mixed with a French word, as in "e-commerce". Which is of course a perfectly English word. And "Le Parisien" explains that "cougar" is in fact a modified form of the word for the annimal, which they claim is "couguar", just like "jaguar". ("Couguar" is a French word, but so uncommon that Le Parisien gives the French definition, "puma"... and ignores the English "cougar" in this section about Anglicisms...)They have very commodious asses, these folks at Le Parisien, because they never fail to find things to pull out of them.

Le Parisien gives you advice about avoiding potentially harmful radiation from cell phones, including a recommendation that pregnant women avoid storing their phone in their vagina. Or something like that.

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