Thursday, June 9, 2011

Advice Illustrated: Could Emily resist the Weiner jokes? Nope.

Letter 1 is from a man who finds himself compelled to go to strip clubs, brothers, etc. whenever he's away from his wife. He hasn't had sex yet, but fears he will. Can he just stick to strip clubs?
Before reading Prudie's answer, here's mine: NO. It is not wrong to go to these places, but this is clearly not healthy for you. It's a compulsion, you are unhappy when you do it, yet you keep doing it. You probably need professional help to kick this habit.
Now what does Prudie say? She too suffers from an unhealthy compulsion, to make inappropriate allusions and far too many puns. But she basically says the same thing.

Video letter is from a guy who has a mother with lots of issues, including a return to drug addiction late in life. She's now hooked on crack. How can their relationship be the same? Prudie says that his mother needs his help, not his disgust. Contact her case worker to offer your help. I say, yeah. Geez, dude, your mom made a huge effort to be a good parent and raise you as best she could. Maybe you could show her some of the love she gave you by helping her rather than being grossed out. And what's the deal with your freaking out over crack? Is it because it's a déclassé drug? Would you be cooler with vodka or cocaine? And before you go off on your mom again, remember it could be worse (see illustration).

Letter 2 is from someone who has a friend who's just become a teacher and who is behaving inappropriately with her high school students, exchanging personal text messages, attending their pool parties, etc. Prudie says friend is cruising for a bruising, and as a good friend, LW needs to warn her. I say, yeah.

Letter 3 is from a women who can't stay married who's married to a guy who's even worse, and who lets his mother run his life (and ruin his marriages). Prudie says to get counseling, and to be ready to jump. I say I really don't care, except for the kids involved. But LW is a fool, her current husband is a jerk, and her current MIL is a grade-A bitch. And frankly, people who talk about their family "heritage" and "bloodline" deserve only disdain.

Letter 4 is from a woman whose BF of a few weeks doesn't wash his hands after using the toidie. Prudie says to hold off a while until their more intimate, then tell him he needs to wash his hands. I say: if he's just peeing, I think lots of guys don't wash. And there are people who rarely do number 2 (I live with one... when we first met, it was like three times a week), so he may indeed only be doing number 1. That said, the next time he leaves the john, I'd say: "Hey, I didn't hear the water running in the sink. Did you forget to wash your hands?" I think if you are letting him put his thingie in your whatsit, you are on intimate enough terms to talk about hand washing.

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