Monday, June 13, 2011

13 June 2011: News of the day

Reading Le Parisien:

Drought in the news. There would likely be no shortages if farmers stopped planting corn in places it has to be irrigated.

Interesting article on the reproduction of the Grotte Chauvet being made near Paris.

Lots of stories about a non-story that's been in the news all weekend. Former president Chirac (UMP) said he would vote for François Hollande (Socialists), rather than his own successor Sarkozy (UMP) in P12. Now claims it was "Corrèze humor" (both Chirac and Hollande have built their political career in the Corrèze.

I'm delighted to see a real rival to Christine Lagarde for head of IMF, in the form of the Israeli finance minister. Lagarde is such a huge time bomb, and I don't see why France deservees "its" candidate to get the job. Remember Jacques Attali, who invented the EBRD so he could run it, only to be forced out over his extravagant spending (the French were very keen to get the job for a "Frenchman", and let the bank be located in London in exchange... Attali is gone, and the jobs are still in London)? Remember... DSK? Remember Christine Lagarde, named to the IMF only to have to resign in disgrace weeks later when she was indicted for abuse of power?

Raymond Domenach is a candidate to coach the Algerian national football team. Didn't France do enough harm to Algerian in all its years as a colonial power?

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