Thursday, June 23, 2011

Advice Illustrated

Letter 1 is from a guy who is now in a relationship with a younger couple with a child. They live with him (I guess, it's not clear). Now his own son is out of work and looking to move in with his whole family. Should LW tell the son about his poly life?
Before reading the answer, I am willing to wager that Prudence will not approve of this relationship. Let's have a read.
Actually, Prudie was pretty cool, and avoided too many snarky puns. She says to tell the son and be as discreet as possible. I agree.

Video letter is from a woman who has the hots for her BIL. Prudie mocks her mercilessly, and LW deserves it.

Letter 2 is from someone who works in close quarters in a hard-to-get resume-building job with a couple. The couple are verbally and possibly physically abusive to each other. LW is shutting down as this reminds him too much of his own family. What to do "in this economy"?
Prudie says that if he can't deal with crazies, he shouldn't be in his business (film). She says that the abuse isn't aimed at him, so he should stick it out and use this as material for a future film.
I say, yeah. Just what did LW expect Prudie to say? He's the only one who knows if it's worth it to him to stay in the job.

Letter 3 is from a woman who cries at the drop of a hanky. Prudie references John Boner. She says to see a doctor, but she may need to just accept this, and by worrying less about it, end up sobbing less often. I know I want to cry when I'm on the line with customer service. What I want to know is: does it get results?

Letter 4 is from a patron of a non-tipping restaurant who enjoys the service of one of the staff. She knows he has a tough life, and is expecting his first child. Can she give him a check or gift card for the baby? Prudie says duh. And do duh I.

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