Monday, June 6, 2011

Dear Prudence: Monday Middens

Revenge of the geek? This does sound very ABC Movie of the Week meets ABC After-school Special. And changing schools is always an option.

Grabby husband
Raping a chambermaid and fondling your wife are not the same thing, Emily. Given the number of letters complaining about a lack of sexual attention and attraction, I think you should enjoy this. But feel free to pinch his ass. And if you really want to get your message across, grab his balls.

Daughter too immodest
This sounds rather fake. But let's say it's true. Yes, she gets to wear what she wants. And yes, you get to say you don't want her dressing like a pole dancer around you. Those are not incompatible. If she dresses in such a way that you cannot be in her presence, then leave, or ask her to leave. She is an adult, and so are you, and adults get to choose who they want to associate with. That said, a hot 20yo wearing a bikini on a beach is hardly shocking. And your husband, another adult, may decide he prefers the company of his daughter to the company of his prudish wife.

Love letters of parents
Stupid question. Of course you keep them. And try to live up to them in your own relationships.

Employee's R18 pic
What Prudie said. I don't know whose reputation the creep is trying to ruin, but he's doing a great job ruining his.

I just want to be friends this time
"I realized I was wrong, and so I tried to do the same thing again." Right.

Silly woman. Of course he's cheating on you. Ever heard of a "nooner"?

Dark Family Secret
Wow. Yes, contact a lawyer. And do your best to find a way to stop him. I think picketing in front of his business would be a good way. Can he sue you for slander? Maybe. But I think truth is always protection against those charges.

Self esteem
I like you less than your twin, but only because you write "with my twin sister and I". That makes you one ugly, ugly person.

To the Bully Mother...
Not a question. And of course she doesn't remember what she did. The victim has much more reason to remember the details than the bully.

For the Ex Bully
Not a question.

What's the "first of 2011"? Do you mean the first of January? You are free to issue an ultimatum. Being engaged means an intent to marry. But whatever.

God. He didn't say he loved you because he didn't love you. Did you love him? Silly person.

Friendship and children

Emailed Photos
Not a question.

Re: condoms
Not a question. I don't think he's using condoms to cut down on the mess.

Household rivalries
Given your apparent mental abilities, I assume this is some sort of dog-grooming establishment. Do they have even have sports teams?

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