Monday, May 16, 2011

16 May 2011: News of the day

Well I guess I don't have to tell you what's in the news today. After telling us yesterday that Dominique Strauss Kahn (DSK) was still far above his rivals in the polls for Socialist candidate for the 2012 Presidential electiosn (P12), they now finally catch up and tell us that DSK has been arrested for attempted rape. And use the cover plus 8 pages to do so.

Here are the headlines:

  • DSK indicted in NYC
  • What happened, when
  • What he risks, the legal procedure
  • Internet conspiracy theories
  • Stupor and sadness among the Socialists
  • What does this mean for the Socialist primaries?
  • Reactions from politicians
  • Reactions from a radio broadcast partnered by Le Parisien
  • Man-in-the-street reactions
  • DSK, the pick-up artist
  • A past story of attempted rape comes out again
  • The "victim" could file a complaint (10 years later)
  • DSK's wife, former TV newscaster Anne Sinclair, in the front lines
  • A psychiatrist diagnoses DSK's sexual addiction
  • Emergency meeting at the IMF
  • Interim IMF director named
  • Bad timing for the IMF
  • Reactions in the world press
  • Other sex scandals in politics (including, of course, Bill Clinton)

But what does the lady who takes care of Anne Sinclair's cat when Anne's in DC think?

Guess who hates DSK today? Jean Louis Borloo who scheduled his big rally to announce he was leaving Sarkozy's UMP, and finds himself upstaged.

Drought will affect nuclear power plants. All this before A/C caught on in France, so when the weather is the hottest, the demand for electricity rises, but the nuclear power plants have to be shut down... A dual problem: not enough water for cooling, and the river water is so warm already that adding heated cooling water will kill everything in the river...

Some elderly travellers are suing Air France because the company lost their bags on a flight to Vietnam. Because the people had their medicine in their bags, they suffered throughout the trip. Worse, the weather turned cold and they had to buy some clothes.
1) Air France isn't responsible for the weather, and I assume that clothing is not too expensive in Vietnam in any case.
2) If it's important, you don't check it. Jerks.

The French defeat at Eurovision still leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Rather like the loss of the 2012 Olympics to London, the French are now saying the other side didn't play fair, with the only example given being that of the official jury, where Sweden gave 2 points to France, while France gave 12 points to Sweden.
1) Maybe the Swedes thought Amaury was crap. I know I did.
2) Maybe it makes no difference, since Sweden didn't win, and France FINISHED 15TH!!!!

The City Council of Paris will vote today to approve a 700k€ annual grant to the association building the new Philharmonic at La Villette. Disgusting, wastefull boondoggle. Drives me nuts!!!!

For the first time, members of the City Council are being penalized for being absent at council meetings. The ones bitching the most about it are Ministers who are away for important government business. Which for me is proof that they shouldn't be sitting on the council if they have another job. Sheez!

Apparently the French are the largest consumers of chewing gum in the world, and it shows on the sidewalks, which the city works try their best to keep clean.

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