Sunday, May 8, 2011

A tale of two accents

Listening to NPR's Talk of the Nation, and have heard two guests with strange accents.

The first is military historian Jim Lacey, who has written about the battle of Marathon. He speaks with this ztrong urban (Brooklyn? Joisey?) accent*, and insists on saying "calvary" for "cavalry". There's really a shocking contrast between what he's saying and his accent. He is a former infantry officer, so came to his position in writing and academia in an untraditional fashion.
Listen HERE:

The second is Francis Everitt, who has the plummiest of English accents as he discusses his reasearch proving Einstein right. He seems intent on stuffing as many "ones" as possible. He sounds like Prince Charles' scientifically sound (but equally pompous) twin.
Listen yourself HERE:

*It's Brooklyn.

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