Monday, May 30, 2011

30 May 2011: News of the day

In the local section of Le Parisien, we have the complaints of neighbors of Les Halles, where the wasteful, useless exhorbitant destruction/renovation is taking place. They managed to get the workers to avoid using jackhammers before 7am. I work at home so get up after 7am most days. I wouldn't be happy waking up each morning to the sound of jackhammers, for months on end. (And since most people don't have A/C, you keep your windows open all day).

It's the 50th anniversary of the first fast food in Paris. It was a Wimpy. What happened to Wimpy in France? I first saw them in Quebec City of all places.

The big story is the latest fad diet, that of "Professor Dukan". It sounds like Atkins with more carbs. And he is particularly tough on pregnant women, who become "obese" because they gain weight during their pregnancy. He recommends lots of fish, whereas public health authorities recommend that pregnant women eat as little fish as possible, in particular fatty fishes, which accumulate heavy metals, mercury, etc.

So Georges Tron is out as minister, but is hanging on as mayor. The opposition calls for the State Prefect to take over the admnisitration of the city of Draveil, because many of the victims or witnesses are employees of the city, hired by Tron. Meanwhile, Tron claims that it's all a put up job the National Front. He claims that a local group that opposes his development projects is a front for the National Front (when in fact, this group ran candidates against the National Front in the last elections). And that the lawyer for the women accusing him is Gilbert Collard, notorious media whore, and close to the National Front.

The Tron story gives an opportunity to look at sexism in the National Assembly, and it's not a pretty sight, with comments like "Dressed like that, you're gonna get raped", from a male MP to a female MP wearing heels, or a male MP responding to a request to pass her a file that he will if she fucks him...

The national consumer protection agency has found (surprise!) that oil companies raise prices when crude oil goes up, but barely lower them when prices go down. The government says it may intervene to force the companies to lower prices. I'll believe that one when I see it.

The great 2010 Love Lock mystery remains unsolved. A year ago, the love locks on the Pont des Arts were removed overnight. The city claims it had nothing to do with it, despite complaining about it. Now the favorite spot is the Pont de l'Archévêché behind Notre Dame, followed by the footbridge between Tuileries and the Musée d'Orsay, where people place them in straight lines. It looks nice (see photo above, and more HERE.)

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