Wednesday, May 18, 2011

18 May 2011: News of the day

Will you be surprised when I tell you that Le Parisien's cover is devoted to "The Prisoner of Riker's Island"? Thought not.

I thought the number of pages would go down, but it's up to cover + 9!

DSK had lunch with his daughter Camille. She's doing a "PHD" at Columbia.
One of the reasons DSK didn't get bail is because France doesn't extradite easily to the US. The French are always annoyed when other countries won't extradite to France, but delight in refusing extradition from France (think Ira Einhorn). Nice to see it bite them again.

Here're the articles:

  • DSK at Riker's Island
  • His daughter will be a key witness
  • Defence strategy (hints at "it was consensual")
  • What's Riker's Island like?
  • Testimony from a famous French criminal imprisoned there ("It's a dump.")
  • Story from victim's brother (in which victim's name is given)
  • Pilgrimages to the suite where it may have happened
  • Her neighbors like the victim
  • Face off between the DA and the defense attorneys
  • Definition of "rape" in US law (which of course in this case only means NY law, but the French don't get that each state has its own legal system)
  • Explanation of the Grand Jury system
  • Interview with a noted feminist lawyer in France
  • French feminists react to the sexist reactions to the story in France
  • Tasteless jokes on the web (no!)
  • How the foreign media judge the French media on DSK story
  • The images the French are supposedly so shocked by (perp walk) make for great TV ratings here
  • More reactions from the Socialists
  • Party leader Martine Aubry must take the lead in the presidential race says a friend of her
  • Ségolène Royal won't give up the primary race
  • The right wing parties are trying to find the right tone
  • The young UMPer who supports the conspiracy theory is trying to lie low, with UMP officials claiming they have never heard of him, despite the fact that he was a very public member of the party, in particular their youth movement.

The worst-kept secret in France, the pregnancy of Sarkozy's wife Carla, is out. Jesus H Christ, who cares? This would be the first baby born to a sitting president (except for all the bastards just about every president has sired).

The French are great innovators in retailing, at least in big box hypermarkets. A new upscale version of the Carrefour hypermarkets are being unveiled. There are a couple at the gates of Paris. I would be interested in seeing such a store (although if one of the "innovations" is freezer units with doors, that's been done by every supermarket (but hypermarkets usually use open chests). The face lift is of course aimed at the "ladies".

A new cooking show in France! It sounds like the French version of a British show I've seen here, where two people each open a restaurant for a night in their homes. The one that takes in the most money wins. I forget the French name, and never knew the English name.


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