Saturday, May 21, 2011

21 May 2011: News of the day

No news yesterday, because Le Parisien is crap and I only got the PDF in the evening and was already too bored to post.

Today will of course be the last post, as I intend to be raptured.

Good news! DSK is no longer the top news, although he rates a mention on the cover, and pages 4 through 9 of the paper (the last one is more French politics, aka P12 for the 2012 presidential election, with Sarkozy now taking aim at the surprise frontrunner after DSK's political demise, former Socialist general secretary François Hollande).

With regard to real DSK news, some was actually interesting. For example:
I didn't know that DSK's third and current wife, Anne Sinclair, had a huge personal fortune (lucky him!). She is the heir to an art dealer, and has a large art collection worth millions of euros. I only know her as a TV journalist and host with particularly beautiful eyes and chunky legs, and as a woman who blew me off when she spoke at a panel my association had organized.  DSK's house arrest (and his defense) are going to cost a fortune, so it's great that Anne Sinclair is standing by her man.

The paper also claims that the victim lied to immigration authorities, which could make her a difficult witness for the prosecution.

More interesting to me is the case of the journalist who claims DSK tried to rape her in 2002. Her mother, a Socialist elected official, claims that she told François Hollande, at the time general secretary of the party, and local bigwig Laurent Fabius. Now she's changed her tune: she assumed they knew. Huh? And she is the one who convinced her daughter not to file a complaint against DSK back then. Now the journalist is playing coy about filing. She says she didn't do it earlier because no one would have believed her. But not so long ago DSK was already involved in a sex scandal. If she really wanted to file a complaint, she could have now. And now she says she's hesitating because she fears being drawn into the US trial (can a US court for a foreign national to testify? If France doesn't allow the extradition of the accused, why would they cooperate with the extradition of a witness, and a victim, no less). It all seems fishy.

In a story about the lack of women on prime-time radio, there's a sidebar explaining what an "anchorman" is. Le Parisien, fuckwads that they are, say that "The word 'anchorman' literally means 'tree-trunk-man', because you never see their legs." Really.

French taxpayers have the pleasure of paying yet again for the Palais de Tokyo. 20 million euros to make it a center for young creation. Whatever that is. And despite the fact that they've already spent tens of millions to make it a center for young creation. Whatever that was. And before that, more tens of millions to make it the center for cinema. That was before spending tens of millions to convert the former American Center into the Cinémathèque. When the State can waste money like this, please don't tell me that there is a budget crisis and no money for useful things.

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