Tuesday, May 17, 2011

17 May 2011: News of the day

Reading Le Parisien, which offers a second day of cover + 8 pages on Dominique Strauss Kahn (DSK).

Among the highlights, noted homophobic prima donna creep right wing politician Bernard Debré claims that DSK often raped women in the NY Sofitel, and that the hotel routinely covered it up. I do hope someone will sue this guy. For pure form, the "journalist" asks the hotel for comment. Guess what? They deny this grotesque claim.

The papers can't agree on how many years DSK could get. Something like 74 now. That's pretty shocking for France, where rape will get you three years if you're unlucky. Or else a really heavy sentence (suspended). They are very tough with the suspended sentences here.

"Shock" at the images of a handcuffed DSK. Since 2000 this kind of image has been illegal to publish in France, after a series of perp walks shocked the public conscience as an attack on the presumption of innocence. Of course the French routinely handcuff and abuse prisoners, but what's important is to not show people in handcuffs. While the French moan about the lack of respect for the presumption of innoncence among Americans, they ignore the fact that almost everyone who goest o trial here is magically found guilty, and sentenced, miraculously, to time served. In a country that abuses preventive detention on a scale only found in dictatorships, this is very rich.

More on the "journalist and novelist", the goddaughter of DSK's second wife, who claims now that he raped her 10 years ago (she was an adult already at the time).

"He left his phone in the room! Proof he was trying to escape!" After leaving the hotel, he had lunch with his daughter in a restaurant. Just the kind of behavior of a rapist trying to run away.

France will open bidding for 18 4G mobile telephone licences. Goodness!

In the meantime, it appears that after all the hinting and leaking and whatnot, Carla Sarkozy is indeed pregnant. Another child for Sarkozy to abandon when he divorces his wife (actually he's pretty good with his kids, at least in terms of promoting their careers).

A cool exhibition Place Vendôme: giant inflatable "pearls" will circle the colonne Vendôme. When you look through the "hole" in each, you'll see a photographic exhibition on pearl jewelry production, from pearl diving to the finished product.


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