Tuesday, May 24, 2011

24 May 2011: News of the day

Big story for Le Parisien is the latest attempt by right-wing interior minister Claude Guéant, Sarkozy's closest advisor, to fish for National Front votes. This time, given the failure to stop illegal immigration (because that would involve doing things like sending Sarkozy's buddies in the construction industries to jail for employing undocumented workers), the target is legal immigration, which is generally agreed to be necessary for the economy, and a net plus in terms of public spending.

DSK is down to two pages, unless you consider the page devoted to the "anyone but Hollande" attempts to prevent teddybear François Hollande from taking DSK's place as the Socialist candidate next year. As for DSK, he really is a total creep. And I fear the only chance he has to defend himself is to attack the victim, which is totally gross and vile. Another interesting tidbit is that it appears that Sarkozy had lots of dirt on DSK, including a police stop when he was using the services of a (low end) prostitute.

The leading lights of the web are in Paris for a pre-G8 summit. It's in the Tuileries, according to the paper. Maybe go see how they've set that up?

And the scandal of the day for me: Engineering firms are recruiting using poker. Yes. The French love using bogus recruiting methods (psychological tests, astrology, graphology...), but this is a new one. One of the managers using this "technique" (ie, PR stunt) says: "After all, many engineers also play poker". To which I respond: all of the (male) engineers jerk off. So why not have a contest to see who can cum the fastest or the most, or who has the biggest cock? Creeps.

Under the leadership of convicted homophobe MP Vanneste, the UMP MPs continue to protest the removal of radar gun warning signs. (Update: they won.) I'm not too surprised that this is the only debatable measure taken by the government that MPs bother to protest. Useless parasites.

In today's issue, Le Parisien, always with it, discovers Twitter.

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