Sunday, May 1, 2011

Advice Illustrated: Mother's Day

Letter 1 is from a woman whose mother is a racist, obnoxious, vulgar and ill-mannered boor who's having a bad effect on LW's children. Prudie says that LW is doing the right thing to teach the kids that they can love their grandmother without approving her manners. But the racism is a big no-no. If she opens her racist mouth, she's not seeing the kids. I say, yeah.

Video letter is from a woman who owns two cutesy doggies and is irritated by the people who comment on them when she walks them. Prudie tells LW she knew what she was doing when she acquired the cute doggies. I say: Find that neighbor who sat on the out-of-control dog and your problem will be solved.

Letter 2 is from a mother whose adult daughter is unresponsive to her attempts to communicate. Prudie says to send a last email saying LW will no longer bother the daughter, but is looking forward to daughter initiating contact again. As for me, I wonder about those gifts. Those are fabulous, touching, heartfelt gifts. I wouldn't know how to equal them. Could it be as simple as that? You gave excessively awesome gifts.

Letter 3 is from a guy who knocked up a colleague and married her. Wife is bat-shit crazy about his mother, who is a perfectly nice woman. Prudie says he needs pschological support, and to acknowledge to his mother that his wife is nuts. I say: Men, use the damn condom and make sure the woman you bonk is using something too. No kid, no marriage to crazy women, no MIL issues. But now that you're married and a dad and all... but why is the assumption that MIL is innocent? Some people are capable of being really nasty out of sight when they need to be. And in this case, I can imagine MIL thinking: "The bitch trapped my baby boy!", and behaving accordingly.

Letter 4 is from a woman who doesn't get along with her mother. But her father's partner is adorable. Can she give this woman a mother's day gift? Prudie says, yes, but this can also be an opportunity to reach out to her mother. I say: Give it up Prudie. She said nothing about wanting to be in contact with her mother. And yes, your mother is the person who mothers you. (That's for Cam on Modern Family).

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