Sunday, May 29, 2011

29 May 2011: News of the day

How do you know the DSK story's going cold? Cuz mass murderer of his family, the heterosexual Xavier de Ligonnès is back as the top story. Guess what: there's nothing new. But we still get to learn that he might have gotten away with offing his family if the police hadn't been so thorough in searching his home.

We learn that his wife (whom he killed) may have been aware of the plan to disappear. A supposition based solely on the fact that one of the letters used by Ligonnès to announce the family's departure was a typewritten letter signed in her hand. Let's see: manipulative murderous liar gets his wife to sign a blank sheet of paper, or she is an accomplice in the murder of her children. Hmmmm....

Also suspect, his mother, the founder of a Catholic apocalyptic sect.

It's Mother's Day in France. Did you know that every single asshole in the world had a mother?

DSK coverage focuses on the fortune of his wife, Anne Sinclair, whose grandfather Paul Rosenberg was the art dealer who was already very successful before fleeing France for NYC during WWII.

Foot-fetishist/minister/reflexologist Georges Tron is going to have trouble hanging on as minister and mayor. Hee.

In France, only close direct family members can be a living organ donor (kidneys for example). That will change with the new bioethics law, which extends the scope of possible donors to people with a close connection. It's amazing how regressive the French are with organ donations, blood donations, insemination, surrogacy, etc.

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