Thursday, May 26, 2011

26 May 2011: News of the day

Lead story in Le Parisien, a case of industrial pollution.

And DSK isn't even the second story: that honor goes to the RADAR issue, with various members of Sarkozy's government making contradictory statements about removing warning signs for radar guns. Part of the problem is that before becoming Minister of the Interior (law enforcement), Claude Guéant was Sarkozy's closest advisor, with a history of undermining the Prime Minister.

A Sarkozy MP created a stir during discussion of a bill for marriage equality by saying "What next? Marriage between animals? Polygamy?" She now has apologized, and claims she was "joking". You're a stupid vicious cunt, Brigitte Barèges. Just joking! Sorry!

So Christine Lagarde, ultraliberal finance minister, is going to replace DSK at the IMF? Looking forward to her resignation when the "abuse of power" case against her moves forward. To replace her as finance minister, the current budget minister François Baroin is not in the running, partly because he doesn't speak English well enough, a key skill in thie G8/G20 year.

Foot-fetish/sexual predator/Mayor/Junior Minister/Reflexologist Georges Tron is still in the news. Apparently his foot fetish is general knowledge in the town where he serves as mayor.

The latest victim of Belgian (Flemish) linguistic BS: The Bruxelles metro will no longer be playing French music on the loudspeakers, due to protests from Phlegms that they deserved equal time. I guess that would be possible if there were actually things worth listening to from Flemish musicians.

Christine Ockrent has finally resigned from her job as the sort-of-head of news channel France 24. There's a great rivalty between her and her boss, everyone hates her, and she's been accused of spying on staff. Of course, one wonders why the wife of the minister of foreign affairs, a ministry that finances the network was even working there at all in the first place.

One wonders if once she's in Washington, Christine Lagarde will still pretend to be a member of the Conseil d'Arrondissement of the 12th and the Paris City Council. It's not like it would make a big change, since her duties as finance minister have served her well until now as an excuse for not showing up to council meetings or doing any actual work as a council member.

The Banque de France is converting a former branch office in a beautiful townhouse to the the City of Money and the Economy, aimed at explaining to us poor taxpayers how the economy works. Hah!

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