Monday, May 23, 2011

23 May 2011: News of the day

Joke of the day: Minister of the interior says that France would be happy to support a request from DSK to serve his sentence in France, in the context of the exchange treaty between France and the USA. As if the USA will allow him to serve his sentence in France, where he's certain to be released after a few months. It's a pity that France's pathetic history in this area spoils the chances of legitimate cases to benefit from such measures. In any case, why is the Minister of the Interior talking about such things now?

Sarkozy's MPs are unhappy with their formerly beloved Prime Minister, who for some reason has managed to stick around at every government cabinet reshuffle. Usually Prime Ministers take the heat for the President and get replaced regularly... they are considered "fuses" that blow to protect the President. But partly because he has been more popular than Sarkozy, who has sought the exposure usually taken on by the Prime Minister, Fillon has stuck around. Now MPs are finally getting tired of him, because he doesn't listen to their concerns or consult them. This is amusing, because the French parliament is mostly a decorative make-work place that rubber stamps the cabinet's bills. Now they want some consideration! A sore subject at the moment is the government's decision to remove the automatic radar gun warning signs.

Are the protests in Madrid getting any attention where you are?

The French post office used to run the telegraphs and phone system, before the telegraph died and the phone system was spun off, then privatized, then opened to competition. Now La Poste is getting into phones again as a MVNO in partnership with SFR.

French schoolchildren provide all their school supplies. To help keep down the costs for parents, a list of essential items was negotiated with major retailers and the Ministry of Education. But no more! The two parties couldn't agree on including satchels among the essentials (they can always use garbage bags, after all!).

Cannes is over, time for Roland Garros to begin! And when that's over, we'll have a couple of weeks before being expected to care about the Tour de France.

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