Thursday, May 26, 2011

Advice Illustrated, 26 May 2011

Letter 1 is from a college student who walked in on his cousin practicing autoerotic asphyxiation. Should he tell his aunt and uncle? Prudie says YES (and the cousin). I say NO (talk to the cousin). Sheesh.

Video letter is from a woman whose BF is a male slut. Every woman in his hometown is an ex paramour. How can she get over this? Prudie says it's odd that she would know this info, but even if it's true, what is important is that he chose her. I say: pictures please of the hunk.

Letter 2 if from an American who found a job in Bahrein. Should he have his family join him in this wonderful land of repression and torture? Prudie says all he needs to worry about is his family's safety, since, after all, the USA has a naval base there, so it must be A-OK. I say that you have to accept some responsibility when you support a regime that is committing atrocities in front of you. Just because you're safe doesn't mean you're pure.I wouldn't say he absolutely has to leave, but bringing his family is definitely a vote of confidence in the regime in place.

Letter 3 is from someone whose BIL has Alzheimer's. Should he say "goodbye" while the guy still has some brain function? Other family members want him to STFU. Prudie says to make it a family celebration of his life. I don't know.

Letter 4 is from a woman who was left paying the very hefty bar tab from a date with a drunk who got kicked out of the restaurant. Should she ask him to reimburse her? Prudie says yes. I say duh.

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